The Business Friendly

Calgary’s Premier Private Airport

Constructed in the nineteen-forties as a training base for the Royal Airforce, the DeWinton Airport has long been a part of Alberta’s rich history, continuing its legacy for seventy-five years.

Our amenities will include:

  • Private Lot Development Opportunities
  • Passenger Terminal
  • Aircraft De-Icing and Wash Bay
  • Airfield Lighting
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Automatic Weather Information System
  • Refueling and Maintenance Facilities
  • Approach Aids
  • Airfield and Facility Maintenance
  • Apron Flood Lights
  • Access Roads
  • Airport Acquisition Beacon

Located twenty minutes southeast of the city, the DeWinton South Calgary Airport is Calgary's premier private runway and hangar facility.

For inquiries regarding ownership and leasing opportunities, please contact:

Lisa Knight